! This project is no longer maintained !

phpfspot brings your F-Spot album online. This PHP-based application handles the sqlite3 database of F-Spot and displays it's photos, tags, EXIF informations (JPEG), ... in a browser.


  • publish your F-Spot photo album in the web
  • AJAX-based web-interface
  • Tag-Cloud
  • RSS XML export
  • auto-rotation based on EXIF Orientation header in the photo
  • Slideshow
  • Works well with Firefox, Safari, Epiphany, Opera and IE
  • Support for Nikon's NEF format (via dcraw)

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Issue tracking

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Devel 0 2 2

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Manager: unki

Latest news

phpfspot 1.7 released
On this rainy Saturday morning, phpfspot 1.7 with its support for F-Spot's photo versioning has been released.
Added by unki over 10 years ago

phpfspot 1.6 released
Containing some bugfixes and features, phpfspot 1.6 has been released on this hot Wednesday evening.
Added by unki over 11 years ago

New phpfspot project website
project and issue tracking website bundled together
Added by unki over 11 years ago

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