Nephthys: Nephthys 1.1

Added by unki over 11 years ago

A per-user address-book has been included by this release. This address-book will record entered email addresses and will suggest them automatically in the GUI the next time a bucket gets created.

Also the handling of creating buckets has been improved a bit - a new bucket-successfully-created page has been inserted which immediately show information to access the bucket. The bucket-list on the "Start Page" has been improved too, now allowing managing buckets easier.

Some bugfixes have also been applied resolving some design issues, clearing PHP notice & warning messages.
Also security has been improved by taking care of SQL injection and authentication bugs.

Happy sharing!

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.0

Added by unki over 11 years ago

After a long periode of beta-tests, Nephthys is in a state ready for a first public release. For installation instructions please follow the Installation page in the wiki.

phpfspot (abandoned): phpfspot 1.6 released

Added by unki over 11 years ago

This release fixes problems appeared when sorting by rate values. The same photo date as in F-Spot is now displayed in phpfspot too. The date input fields have been rearranged to allow easier input. The initial sort order can now be preconfigured in phpfspot's configuration file.

phpfspot (abandoned): New phpfspot project website

Added by unki over 11 years ago

The seperated bugtracking (roundup) and project website (MoinMoin wiki) have been bundled together to a new project website powered by remdine.

Redmine is using Ruby-Rails and I meet it first time on the puppet-project website on Since it also cooperates with GIT in a nice way, it seems to be a good toolset for handling OSS projects.


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