Nephthys 1.3

The next public release of Nephthys is available containing a bunch of new features.
Added by unki about 11 years ago

Version 1.3 - the new public release of Nephthys has been published today.

With the previously introduced multi-language support in v1.2, several contributors now provided translations for Nephthys. This release contains (next to the already available German translation) a Russian, Italian, Spanish and Dutch translation!

The local address-book provides now an extra field to store the fullname of contacts. During creating buckets, auto-suggestion now also works for multiple receivers. A new "deny-password-change" flag has been introduced to hide the password-change-options for automatically-created, server-authenticated users.

When using the notification feature of Nephthys, clicks on "Notify" will be confirmed now with a dialog message.

Happy sharing!