Nephthys: Nephthys 1.7

Added by unki almost 6 years ago

The seventh release of Nephthys focus on cleanup of its JavaScript code.
Dependencies like HTML_AJAX, helpballoon, autosuggest and window_js have been removed.
Now all these jobs are done by jQuery and its extension jQuery UI.
The interface shows some speed improvements.

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.6

Added by unki almost 7 years ago

Nephthys is not dead!
A lot of work has been done what you can see from the commit messages in our GIT repository.

But after four years it is time to bundle again a new release file - and this is Nephthys 1.6!

This release contains some bug fixes addressing issues opening WebDAV folders in Internet Explorer and ensures compatibility with PHP 5.3. A dutch translation has been contributed and a built in file manager allowing file uploads via browsers.

Nephthys: update for proftpd.conf example

Added by unki over 8 years ago

DenyFilter and ListOptions has been adapted to ensure no recusrive directory listing is possible.
Also the NLST command is now explicitly blocked.

phpfspot (abandoned): phpfspot 1.7 released

Added by unki over 10 years ago

1.7 adds support for F-Spot's photo versioning, storing next to the original imported photo, modified versions of the same as well. Furthermore several bugs like support for newer PDO style have been fixed. See CHANGELOG if you are interested in an overview of the made changes.

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.5

Added by unki almost 11 years ago

Some days behind its deadline, Nephthys 1.5 has been released today.

Included are some bug-fixes like for solving problems with quoting input data and suppressing some PHP notice-messages. In addition the cache-path for the Smarty template engine is now configurable which was necessary for building a Debian package. That one is now available for download on Nephthys homepage.

Users default bucket-expiration time is now manageable for admin's via the user-management too. To get a better overview, Nephthys now displays details about buckets like amount of files and directories within as also the last modification time.

Happy sharing!

Nephthys: 1.5 release delayed

Added by unki almost 11 years ago

Because of heavy christmas biscuits baking the public release of 1.5 will be delayed for some days.

Nephthys: avoid read/write access to ftp-root directory

Added by unki almost 11 years ago

While directory-listing was disabled, it was still possible to upload files into the ftp-root directory ("/") and as well reading files from within this directory. But for this it required to know the exact filename of objects within the ftp-root directory.

The example proftpd.conf has been adapted to deny those actions.

If you are using this example-configuration, you should consider to update it!

See Installation

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.4

Added by unki almost 11 years ago

Release 1.4 comes with some new features like notifying expired buckets to their owners, column-sort and a force-profile-update option.

Bugs like having problems with fixed font-size, deleting buckets and Exception viewing have been solved.

Happy sharing!

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.3

Added by unki about 11 years ago

Version 1.3 - the new public release of Nephthys has been published today.

With the previously introduced multi-language support in v1.2, several contributors now provided translations for Nephthys. This release contains (next to the already available German translation) a Russian, Italian, Spanish and Dutch translation!

The local address-book provides now an extra field to store the fullname of contacts. During creating buckets, auto-suggestion now also works for multiple receivers. A new "deny-password-change" flag has been introduced to hide the password-change-options for automatically-created, server-authenticated users.

When using the notification feature of Nephthys, clicks on "Notify" will be confirmed now with a dialog message.

Happy sharing!

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.2

Added by unki about 11 years ago

With one day delay, version 1.2 of Nephthys has been released.

The major highlight of this version is the newly introduced multi-language support. This release comes already with a German translation. The upcoming 1.3 version will then most probably already contain a Russian translation too.

A new privilege-flag for unprivileged users make it possible, that this kind of users can also create never-expiring buckets.

If you are interested in a more detailed change-log please follow this link to the Changelog or visit the Nephthys repository via gitweb.

Happy sharing!


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