This website is home of several open source projects I maintain. And some projects I host:

The NetShadow server story

All webserver names base on characters of "Masters of the Universe" - probably more known as "He-man".

  1. skeletor - Apache, SVN-Repository, FTP-Server, ... gofer
  2. orko - MySQL, IMAP, Sendmail ... quiet powerful
  3. stratos - replaced skeletor

Nice and helpful pages:

Helpful git commands:

Create a tag

git tag -s -m "phpfspot 1.4 public release" phpfspot-1.4

Create a release-pack

git archive --format=tar -v --prefix=phpfspot-1.4/ phpfspot-1.4 > phpfspot-1.4.tar

Push a change directly into a remote-branch

git push orko:/var/www/htdocs/ master:refs/heads/cleanup

Add a tracking branch

git remote add contrib
git fetch contrib
git branch --track contrib contrib/master

svn2git worked best for me with

  1. Put ".hidden" files in all empty directories in the SVN repository - since GIT does not take care about empty directories - and commit them.
  2. git-svn clone -A authors.txt -T trunk file:///var/lib/svn/phpfspot/
  3. Clone git-repo elsewhere, then recloned back with --bare to /var/cache/git

Latest news

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.7
Focus on jQuery and jQuery UI for JavaScript jobs
Added by unki almost 6 years ago

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.6
A new release is available
Added by unki almost 7 years ago

Nephthys: update for proftpd.conf example
Disable recursive directory listing
Added by unki almost 9 years ago

phpfspot (abandoned): phpfspot 1.7 released
On this rainy Saturday morning, phpfspot 1.7 with its support for F-Spot's photo versioning has been released.
Added by unki over 10 years ago

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.5
On this wunderful christmas day, Nephthys got released with its new 1.5 version.
Added by unki almost 11 years ago

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