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Schoenbrunn Palace and Zoo, Vienna

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The Schoenbrunn palace is a World Cultural Heritage

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Views from inside with kind permission of Schloss Schoenbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H

Colored lines represent main public transportation lines:
Subway U4
(You can download them as a Google Earth KML-File here)

Schoenbrunn Vienna: Blue Stairs

The Blue Stairs

Schoenbrunn Vienna: Front View

Front View

Schoenbrunn Vienna: Gloriette


Schoenbrunn Vienna: Great Gallery

Great Gallery

Schoenbrunn Vienna: Mirror Room

Mirror Room

Schoenbrunn Vienna: Schoenbrunn Hill

"Schoenbrunn Hill

Schoenbrunn Vienna: Small Gallery

Small Gallery

Schoenbrunn Vienna: The "Roman Ruins"

The "Roman Ruins"
Palm House Schoenbrunn, Vienna<br>Schoenbrunner Palmenhaus

Palm House Schoenbrunn, Vienna
Schoenbrunner Palmenhaus
Palm House

Palm House
Palm House

Palm House
Schoenbrunn Zoo: Aquarium

Schoenbrunn Zoo: Aquarium
Schoenbrunn Zoo: Tropical House

Schoenbrunn Zoo:

Tropical House  |  Tropenhaus

All Panoramas © Bernhard Vogl,